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Essex Weddings! and its wedding venues

I came to live in Essex back in the early 90's, moving most of my London work here. and in those early days, there were some beautiful wedding venues popping up throughout the UK! non more so however, than here in Essex. So I was indeed a very busy wedding planner.

Then the licencing laws changed in the late 90's, and suddendly venue after venue became a wedding location, from stately homes, to golf clubs, The business of weddings had exploded! by the early 2000's, more were granted a license to hold civil ceremonies, they could be held in hotels, where guests could stay over, enjoy the wedding and dance the night away! converted farms offered rustic weddings and remote corners of the county too, and surrounding city center locations boomed! the wedding industry was set on course for the biggest change in the Millenium!

Read the Wedding Secret! although its no secret now. Essex in its proximity, is close to London, with its beautiful countryside and coast line! with many Essex barns, and rural locations! suddendly the rural rustic wedding trends appeared!.

But the biggest change was yet to come, the cultural one! Asian weddings! and many diverse cultural backgrounds were looking to marry here, and continue to choose Essex. The larger wedding venues in Essex could also hold the larger number of guests they came with! so it soon became a hot spot! winning many cultural wedding awards, these venues could hold and manage cultural weddings with great experience. Opening their stately home gates to accomodate larger celebrations, bringing with them horses and even elephants! at times!

Essex was, and is always going to be ahead of itself! because it is truly a county of great diversity.

2019! How many wedding venues in Essex? How many weddings? and what is the national average? compared to 1999? 20 years on.... Interesting...

I'll get back to you! summer 2019 - Happy wedding planning everyone

If your planning a wedding be sure to come to Essex

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